Thursday, January 22, 2009

Can't I have Some Privacy In My Own Closet

Now before you think I am loony and have totally lost it, hear me out.

#31 broke my bedroom door lock. Yes, he wanted in and I didn't want him in and let's just say, he got in.

Now #5, #3 & #2 come in whenever they want to. I have nowhere to go for some Alone time.

Yes, I am still smoking, and yes regret it. I smoked for 10 years and it took me forever to quit and then I started back up. Stress is a B****!!!!

Any way it's too cold to go outside so I sit in my closet with the window open and smoke out of it. Except now that I can't lock my bedroom door I am always getting company.

Me and that man are going to have some words tonight and he IS going to fix my door.

To Be Continued..............


Anonymous said...

I would put up about 5 deadbolts on that door!

Anonymous said...

PS about to tag you!

Emma said...

ugh good luck with the words! he better fix it!! hope your ok dear!

Robin said...

Wow, sounds like my house... although if the door is locked no one really 'breaks in' they just knock/beat on the door until I answer it!! I have had a 'leave me alone' weekend...meaning I have done nothing but watch Lifetime and blog... every momma needs one!!!!

Autumn said...

*Flew in through Tova Darling's blog*
I read the title to your post and almost spit my coffee all over my keyboard. I love the title and I completely understand! My girls (ages 6 and 8) never need me unless I am on the phone, trying to nap or taking a pee. What is it with this lack of privacy? When they were babies all they wanted to do was sleep. Now that they have learned to walk and talk they never let me have a moments peace! (Let alone sleep!)
Happy Mother's Day from one stressed out mom to another :)


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