Monday, January 5, 2009

Are You Serious?

So I am not even sure how to start this one off. We went to church yesterday as we usually do. We still had a n extra car someone let us use while they were out of town, so we drove separate so that I could go up to the ICU to see my step-dad, I can only go at certain times.

After the hospital I went to my moms to report to her and really just to be with her. She is ALL alone and she needs someone to talk to. It upsets her to much to go to the hospital a lot. She doesn't want to see him like that.

So then I called #31 to let him know that I would be going back up to the ICU later with my sister. She didn't want to go alone because it was her first time going up. Her husband has to watch the kids, also very young.

So #31 said Ok, with A LOT of attitude. I tell him that nobody can help what;s going on with my dad and to not be so angry, just roll with it. He then tells me, " I never said you couldn't go", No #31 you never said I couldn't go, your just going to have some kind of stupid attitude but as long as you tell me I can go, you Ok. Yea, keep telling yourself that.

As a matter of fact, the first time I got home from the ICU i was talking about dads condition and #31 just stares at the floor. I'm like, do you even hear me? He's like, I don't know what to say. OK, WELL BASIC COMMUNICATION SKILLS WOULD TELL YOU TO AT EAST LOOK AT ME!!! Uggggghhhhh ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?! Wheres MY support? Oh, yea he's sitting on the couch sulking about life. Get over it buddy.

So anyway back to Sunday. I get home about 3:00p and the kids just woke up and i brought them some food and every things fine. I go upstairs to play, I mean blog on the computer and #31 comes in the room and starts arguing with me about everything. I told him we could discuss it at a different time, I just wanted some alone. So I said "Will You please leave me alone?"

So here's Mr. Brilliant did................................................

He left the house!!!! He left all 3 kids downstairs and NEVER told me he was leaving!! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?! Did we have a time warp back to high school and I missed it? Have I not spent the last 3 days in the ICU?

He left me there with all three of the kids and didn't say a word. Now remember I still had to pick up my sister and take her to the ICU for the first time. Great #31, Great!!

So I load all the kids up and take them to church to give them to him. I asked him for the keys to the car and he tells me no. Once again, ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?! You do remember that my dad is in the ICU possibly dying?

SO I went to the mini van took out all the car seats, and set them by the tiny Mazda and I left.

I texted him "Have Fun cramming all the kids in the back of the Mazda when you could of had the mini van, Jerk"

Yes, this is my prince charming. The one that rescues me.

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Anonymous said...

you sound like a complete pain in the ass

Chrissy said...

And probably have never had to deal with this situation ever. She was trying to do a nice thing so he wouldnt have to switch out the car seats because that takes time and it can be frustrating. Im sure you either have a picture perfect husband/wife..or someone to wipe your butt still for you. This woman is strong and she dealt with all her pain on here while taking the crap of her husband. She loved him that much to try. You, Anonymous, sound like a complete pain in the butt. Grow up.


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