Friday, January 9, 2009

#31 Came Back

And right now that's all that matters to me. You see with my stepdad in the ICU, I need to be able to visit him often which s not working out due to all of my kids. They can't go.

And i also just got a membership to Curves, which I can't use, due to the kids.

So, yes, #31 came back as a baby-sitter.............LoL..................J/k

no I have always wanted to work things out with him, I just wanted his attitude to change first. We did talk a little last night and I can see that hopefully he will be a little nicer, at least for awhile, but in the mean time we can get back into our counseling.

Are we going to have to counsel all of our life?!?! I sure hope not.

I am sure I will have a rant later on, Stay Tuned.


Lo said...

I hope you're ok! I've been thinking about you a lot even though I haven't commented. When people leave, I know it's more complicated than anyone just reading and write a few sentences of advice can do to help. Sometimes it can make it worse. I hope it's ok for today.

Summer said...

I am so glad! And if lifetime counseling is what it takes, so be it! ;-)

Emma said...

I'm glade came back, I hope everything works out for you!

TuTu's Bliss said...

Hugs..sorry your hubby is suffering from such serious asscitis. It is a serious condition, virtually incurable. I know from experience

Anonymous said...

I congratulate, you were visited with simply magnificent idea

Anonymous said...

God save me from my friends, I can protect myself from my enemies.


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