Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just A Quickie

For those of you who do not know my families secret names, I will share again. All they are, are our ages so if one changes out of the blue, it's because they had a birthday, I will try to update my side bar to match. Here we go.

#32 is my husband
#26 is me, but I am soon to be #27
#5 My daughter
#3 My second daughter
#2 My son
Monster-In-Law, My Mother-in-law

A few updates real quick, Jim is back at the house and I started a job, cleaning houses, which I am actually liking very much. Jim hates the fact that I want to work but in order for him to come home, I told him that he needed to accept me for me!!!

That means that, yes, I smoke, yes I wanna work, yes, I wanna wear what I want to wear.

Now, I am not being all out rebellious, I do try to meet him in the middle but I am just ready to be me and if he can't like me for me then we got problems.

Oh, and I also bought a car, a 2002 Chrysler Seibring!!! He was not to happy about it but I was tired of on;y having one car and being stuck in the house 24/7, so I did it!!

For any new readers, my husband is VERY controlling. To the point of what I wear, who I hang out with, what I do all day. So that is why I am taking steps to better myself and hopefully save this marriage!!

Talk to you soon!!


The Peach Tart said...

You go girl.....

AK said...

hah! i second that You Go Girl.
i'm a new follower, enjoy your blog.

Rhapsody said...

There is no better way to be that yourself! It is freedom, it is fresh air, it is salvation. It takes too much effort and emotional energy to be someone other than you are, beside the Divine created and fashioned you from excellence therefore you are a masterpiece as you are flaws and all and no mare mortal have the authority to mess with that. The Divine does not make mistakes and he made you as you are for a reason. So I say............BE! and don't apologize for it.

Love the nicknames. Have a blessed weekend. smooches...

kimee said...

be you alwayssss
i had to learn that the hard way haha

petrovyelyena said...

Yeah, but I'm too stubborn to be myself. I want it all. I'm such a dork.

mekelnborg said...

Uh oh, guess what? In the line on June 9, right after you explained the code names, and then had Monster in Law, then there's what could be a real name in the next line.

Anyways this reminds me of when I went through all the same kinds of scenes a while back, almost exactly like that.

The wonderful thing is that I eventually got used to it and more or less recovered, and to read about it here it's easy for me to remember, while not feeling the pain like I did then. Hope things are getting better for you.

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