Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's Been A Awhile........

Well things were actually going really well with family for a long time, if you consider about 4 months a long time. Then on Friday, I kicked out #31, He has messed with my head and played his little games for far to long. I will make a long story short, I will tell you what happened Friday.

I had 2 doctors appointments. It was 12:00 and I had to be at the first one by 1:00. My MIL was coming over to babysit for both appt. My second one was at 3:15. #32, yes, hes #32 now, gets off early and calls me to see whats going on, I tell him that his mom is coming over to babysit, and he wants to know what i'm going to do with my 2 hour break in between appt. I told him I didn't know but that I was going to enjoy my afternoon with no kids.

We hang up and he calls his mom, which she is on her way over, it's like 12:30 now and tells her not to come and calls me back and tells me that. So I asked him, "are you coming home then?" He tells me, "I will be home later" What?!?! I have somewhere to be in like 20 min, you need to come home now. And he's like, well whatever. So I called my mom and his mom both because I need a sitter.

You see, #32 is just so controlling over me that he doesn't want me to have ANY free time!!! Little did I know, that he was on his way home, So he gets here at the same time as his mom and I look like a fool for freaking out and asking her to come back. What an A**Hole!!! He knew all along he was coming back but he wanted to make me sweat it. What kind of person does that?!?!

That was the last straw for me. You see over the months anytime I did anything for leisure he would complain to me and get on me that I should be reading my Bible or praying or doing something with the church with my free time.

I mean every time I watched tv or played on the computer he would make little snide comments. I am so over it!!!!

So I packed up his stuff and told him to get out. I told him he could take the kids for the weekend, and he did.

Of course I am a little sad, He is all I have ever known since my senior year in high school. We have been married 9 nine years and together 10. But I can't tell you enough how calm it was here this weekend with no one telling me what to do or complaining that the house wasn't perfect.

I will write more late but I got a new job and I start today. Guess i'm serious about this. I need an income.

Rant some more soon!!!


5 in. Heels said...

Wow that was a very bold move. Change can be good I am sure you needed the break!

DPhatsez said...

very avant garde layout!

good job #26! :)

Keep the rants coming! Drop by mine when time permits.

good luck with the job!

Monster Girl said...

hugs from an internet stranger, sounds like you need one. You'll make it just fine!

Monster Girl said...
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Anonymous said...

heyyyy good job :)

but i am a little confused.... who is #31? because in your "please read" it says your husbands number is 26. hmm. and then in the blog the number switched from 31 to 32.

just wanted to let you know.
and cheers for getting your life back in your control


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