Saturday, June 13, 2009

Drama At The Mall

So, last night me and #32 decided to get a baby-sitter and have a fun night out. Which ment going to LongHorn and then shopping at the mall.

Well we made it through dinner fine, we actually had a great time of laughing and conversation.......................................Then, we went to the mall, *Please cue Twilight music*,

SO we are walking and he is walking like a snail, I really was trying not to say anything but I just couldn't take it, so I asked him politely if he could walk a little faster. Boy did that set him off, He then made his little speech about how he should be able to walk anyway he wants to and that, the mall is not ALL ABOUT ME. Ok, #32, as soon as you are done crying like a little baby, maybe we can finish our FUN time at the mall.

So then I showed him where the men's shoes were and I was looking RIGHT NEXT TO HIM at some nightgowns and the next thing I know he is gone!!!!

So I have to call his cell phone and he tells me that he left the store and is sitting by the fountain.

I asked him, "You couldn't even come get me when you were done looking?!? We are supposed to be doing this together"

He then tells me that he doesn't want to shop with me because basically I told him how to walk, I'm selfish, I think the mall is all about me, and so on, and so on.

So I leave him sitting at the fountain and I tell him just to meet me at the car when he is ready.

SO I wait for like 15min for him when he finally decides to come to the car. He's so freaking immature, I just can't stand it!!!!

When we get home, I changed into my Capri's because I was going to leave. We had a baby-sitter all night and obviously we can't be alone with each other. So he jumps up, starts yelling at me, blocks the door so I can't leave.

I had to push him like 3 times just to get out the door. He was freaking out because I changed into my "hooker" clothes, You know, Capri's and a t-shirt, and I was leaving. And since he's a control freak, he couldn't take it.

SO even as I am leaving, He is yelling out the window, "Your a piece of Crap!!!!"

Yes, #32, You make me really wanna stay here with you now.

SO anyway, I thought I would share with you our nice romantic night out without kids. You know the one we have about once every 2 months!!!

Thanks #32, You Suck!!!!!!


The Peach Tart said...

Whoa girl..that's some shitty night...I hope you did go out and did have a good time even if it's just a movie to get your mind off ass #32

Shawn said...

I was confused, as you said that #26 was your hubby---and I was trying to figure out who you were out with!!

Hmmmm----well, I'm over from SITS---great blog, by the by...

Hope you have a chance to visit me sometime!

Alison said...

I love your blog!!! You keep things very real... I try too as well (pisses people off sometimes).

Lee said...

Sounds to me like you're close to the breaking point. That really doesn't sound like a healthy marriage.
He's a tad psycho if you ask me.

libby;; said...

You poor thing. The sad thing about control freaks is that they very rarely change. You guys could try couples counselling maybe?x

Rhapsody said...
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Rhapsody said...
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Rhapsody said...
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Rhapsody said...

May i weigh in my 2 cents worth? Well since you not here to answer I'll pretend you asked for it.

Warning, I tend to speak my mind, please feel free to tell me don't although I suspect it won't stop me but am open to hearing it.

First let me start off by saying "I am sorry your relationship is in this place, that you are feeling disrespected, dishonored and devalued as a woman and wife”.

*Why did you have to ask him to walk faster?
*Why couldn't you slow your pace and walk slower?
*What was your hurry, you were supposed to be enjoying each other’s company, how come you couldn’t compromise and slow your paces hold his hand and just chat?
*How come you didn't stay and help him with the shoes and then have him accompany you to show for/look at nightgowns?

*His leaving and not informing was not the best move it only serve to make a fast deteriorating situation worst.

*Your husband seems to base on some of the things you said have certain insecurities about his self, worthiness and value and it manifests in the form of control which is oppressive to you, as it would anybody because no one adores being controlled.

*You seem to have a lot of anger issues which based on your expressions stem in part from your hubby's intent on controlling you so you have become reactive.

Mindful thought:
*Dare I say that you are both coming from the same place albeit in very different ways? Feeling devalued, disrespected and not honored for the excellent human beings you are by person you love?

*If you want your marriage to work and I suspect you do or else you wouldn't still be there, you both have to get back to the basics. The basics of why you are together, what you loved about each other in the beginning and take a step back and be accountable for things said and done on both sides that have dishonored who you are as individuals and as a couple.

*It is never one person fully to blame, sure one can carry more blame than the other but it is never just one person.

*You deserve to be loved that way you need, want and desired to be loved and getting that takes work no matter who you are with. It simple does not just happen.
A lil tidbit:
Here is a little known secret, men suffer from the same issues as women, and women are just smarter and communicate it.

Have a blessed Sunday

skinnylattemama said...

Hey Rhapsody, I left you a return comment on your own blog. I really don't mind your comment except for the "anger issue" Just to clear the record, I am one of the most passive people I know. I just use my blog to vent about life. I'm not depressed, bitter or angry, i'm just me:)

I mean c'mon, I barley ever even say a cuss word on my blog, thats gotta show for something.

skinnylattemama said...

oh yea, and about me slowing down, Yes, I could of but we were on a time limit because of the kids and it takes my husband hours to actually pick somehting out. I guess you had to of been there. But i did ask him very nicley:)

KParthasarathi said...

You are not alone in such happens to most sometime or the other.The piece has been written without anger. A good way of communicating to the spouse.
I liked the blog

O.F.C.J. said...

I just found your blog. Interesting real live rants. I like. Please do check out my new blog. THanks ;)


becomingkate said...

Has he ever been diagnosed as bi-polar or with a personality disorder? You should check it out. He reminds me of my late husband (the control, the escalation of disagreements)

I like that you speak your mind here.


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