Sunday, January 9, 2011

Status Confrence

So, I guess tomorrow #33 (yea, he had a birthday) and I have a status conference. We don't have to be there, only our lawyers. I am still not 100% sure what its for. I really just wish we could have a court date and get it over with. #33 is FINALLY agreeing to the divorce instead of fighting me so hopefully we can get through this quicker!!!

we have talked about a dissolution instead of a divorce but there are still some key issues we cant agree on. Actually we cant talk for longer then 30 seconds without getting into a fight of some kind!! We are 2 totally different people!!!

Anyway,my pastor (wannabe) texted me today, first time he has contacted me since the courts ordered #33 out of the house in August!! I have called and texted him with no response and then he has the nerve to text me today to let me know that the Lord has put me on his heart today. SERIOUSLY?!?! (is that even spelled right? It's late and my brains not working!! Ha Ha) So it took almost 4 months for you to return a call or a text?? Please do not text me today and act like you care!! He says people in the church are talking about me, you know because im just out drinking, partying, living "the" life!!! Ha Ha!!! That's all I can say! First of all, STOP TALKING ABOUT ME!! I'm pretty sure the Bible covers gossip and second of all, I am SO NOT living the life!! I'm barely working, trying to get a second job,my house is in foreclosure, I have no freaking clue what I'm doing half of the time but yea I'm just sooooooo freakin happy!!

Anyway, one of the church goers must of read something that I posted on facebook and went and told on me, yea, grow up!!! Focus on your own sorry life and backup off of mine. Pastor Wannabe had the nerve to call me "Happy Amy" I guess its what I portray on Fb, well, take a freakin look, I am not "Happy Amy"!! I am "Pissed off, everything I worked for in my life is going down the tubes Amy"

Wow, I'm glad I got that off my chest!!! Anyway, in a few words I told him he was no longer my pastor and to please refrain from talking about me with patrons from the church. He then informed me that he will remain my pastor until I join a new church. Ummmm, yea, I don't think so!!!


Setty Lepida said...

Sweetie, I am not sure I am allowed to say this, but your writing is great. So instead of looking for a job, why don't you turn what's going on in your life to prose and write a book about it? You surely have the guts and sense of humor to do that. And perhaps when you do get published (I'm positive you will), all these people will want you back in the circle and you can tell them to kiss your ass :) I hope I haven't crossed a line by saying all these. Keep going strong :)

skinnylattemama said...

Wow, you most definitley DID NOT cross a line!! :) Thankyou!! I have thought about it, I love to get out all of the things going on in my mind on paper or computer:)

Anonymous said...

Your pastor is a major asshole. Find another one and a church that will support you when the shit hits the fan - not gossip about you and then have the jerkoff pastor pass on the good news.


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