Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ok Really Quick

So, I dont have Internet at home and i havnt for awhile, hopefully soon though. Well drum roll please...................................I went back to, well, actually hes #33 now.

Yes, i did it, im not proud of myself but he made it sound sooooo good. He gave the whole, I can except you for who you are, I can love you for you, you know all the stuff us women just thrive on.

And let me tell you, he did love me for who I was, he did except me for me...........................for about 2months. Now we are back to me being not right with God, me being a slut even though ive been very faithful.

lets just say we had a little or big tornado run through my house last night, I like to call them "Rage Blackouts" Yes, #33 destroyed everything that means anything to me. He didnt just throw my stuff around, he broke my stuff!!!

You know, they say a leopard never loses its spots, or was it a cheetah, i dont know but you get the picture.

So, yes I am still cleaning for the rich and famous and I dont see myself quitting for a long time, Yes, I still wear my pants, Yes I am still being me!!!

Well, I am probably going to see my lawyer tomorrow so wish me luck and who knows, maybe after the 6th or 7th time of leaving him, it will actually stick!


Summer said...

oh honey....it breaks my heart that you are still dealing with this.

You deserve better. You DO NOT deserve any of this.

I'm praying for you love.

O.F.C.J. said...

Wow. I hope things do get better. Just know that there is always One that will not only love you for who you are but LOVINGLY lift you from rags to eternal riches, and burlap to soul cashmere (and maybe some real cashmere too ;) ). Jesus, honey. He's your husband and don't you forget it. No relationship is 100% easy, but it should always be in love. I will say a prayer for your current husband, for he is very misguided, and maybe insecure too. And for you because you also need to find your way to a better place, inside and out :). You're too beautiful for this.

Be loved, Be blessed, Be awesome,


snoble24 said...

wow. well you dont deserve someone like that. throw him out and keep away from him.he tries shit throw him in jail. id suw him also for all the money worth of stuff he broke.show him your not someone to toy with.

tellin' it like it is said...

GIRRLL...I just read through ALL of your rants from beginning to end! YOU KNOW you deserve better! YOU need to get yourself some man candy too! REMEMBER...YOU are a STRONG, BEAUTIFUL woman, (YOU PROVED THAT BY GOING OUT AND GETTING A JOB AND BUYING A CAR!)and you need NO MAN to do anything for you! NO man is worth your tears so you doing the right thing leaving his ass. your kids will understand in the future! HE'S AN ASS! TELL HIM TO SUCK IT AND KICK ROCKS! I HOPE HE HAS FUN WHEN HE REALIZES HE CANT GET ANOTHER DECENT WOMAN TO STAND BY HIS SIDE AS HE CLIMBS UP THE OLD GUY LADDER!

lizardrinking said...

Yep, first post I read. He does not accept you but he might except you, and who wants to be excluded? Get out of there fast. Though you already have...I can tell that you are strong, but it is hard when you are isolated. You'll grow very tired of him very soon, I'm sure of it. Each step away is a step further. Don't look at them as failures, but working up towards the final step.

Rhapsody B. said...
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Rhapsody B. said...


I work in this field and I cannot say that I am surprised that you went back, most women in your situation do just that. The statistics is seven times before either she leaves for good or she dies. I pray you rise up and see, know and understand your worth. Know that you are worthy of more. Understand what you are teaching your children everytime you stay and what it says to them about what they must accept and not accept. We teach not just by our words but also by our actions and children often do what they see more than what they hear. Please, save your life, save your children's life and their future.

Article on Domestic Violence (Men who are violent speak).
Every day, three women die as result of abuse—that's nearly 1,100 killed every year. "That number might not mean anything to you...unless the woman was your mother, your sister, your daughter," Oprah says. Young men who admit to hitting, kicking, choking and even wanting to kill the women they claim to love are opening up to Oprah and giving an unprecedented look inside the minds of abusers. http://www.oprah.com/oprahshow/Domestic-Violence-Abusive-Men.

imascatterbrain said...

"CH eetah
CH anges it's spots,"
it has alliteration you you won't forget; and too bad for Them, they aren't even selling cheetahs or spots.

(Or you may remember it because some nosy btch commented it on your blog)


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