Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I just thought I would add that my monster in law, soon to be ex monster in law is not such a monster after all!! Ha Ha She actually got me a Christmas present this year,which shocked me!! I mean she always gets me something but since I am divorcing her son,I just figured that no one on that side of the family would do anything for me.

Anyway, she got me a super soft fuzzy bath robe,I mean, I have like 3 of them already but I love them!! Anyway, I guess she does have a nice bone in her body after all!! Ha Ha

We always try to keep the level of communication open due to the kids, so I will continue to be cordial......as long as I don't have to spend or talk to her longer then 5 min!!!


ofarealy said...

Yay! It's good to see your back blogging! I've always admired your strength to put up w that man and be such a good mother! I'm glad your holidays were ok!

skinnylattemama said...

Thanks!! I never realized the strehgth until recently, im gonna be bloggin a lot more now too:)

Anonymous said...

I have a real life Lithuanian Monster-in-law. She came for a visit on my dime. She went through my attic, closets and jewelry. She took my things without permission. She ripped up the plants in front of my house and planted new without my permission. She maxed out my credit card buying stuff for the relatives back home without asking. She told my husband to "have grandson with different mother". I have NEVER seen someone act like this...the lack of boundaries and sense of entitlement still to this day boggle my mind. My husband tells me this is simple a cultural thing and his mother did nothing wrong. He further tells me that because I got upset and/or angry that she rooted through my belongs and took some of my stuff, he and his mother have diagnosed me with post-partum depression as that is the ONLY explanation for me being upset with his mother.


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